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States-in-action library

States, territories, and individual SAHCs have developed rich resources for you to reference and maybe even replicate. Here, we’ve organized them by program topic.

A catalog of and accompanying library of profiles of state public health youth advisory structures, supporting documents, reports, and tools from 17 state public health youth advisory structures from the State Adolescent Health Resource Center. (2022)

This AMCHP brief describes some of the strategies Title V/MCH and other public health partners use to engage youth in meaningful ways, including lessons, tips, and state level examples from 13 states, including case studies on youth engagement in KS, MO, and OR. (2019)

SAHRC’s catalog of state adolescent health strategic plans offers 38 examples of state level strategic plans, frameworks, data profiles and other products that elevate a focus on adolescent health in state health agencies.

This compilation of ideas and examples, and accompanying Google Drive provides examples of and resources for state directed initiatives to promote and infuse a PYD approach into adolescent focused initiatives. Informed by a series of regional discussions with State Adolescent Health Coordinators (SAHCs) hosted by NNSAHC and the State Adolescent Health Resource Center. (2021)

Compilation of key elements of youth-centered care based on the World Health Organization’s eight global standards for youth-centered care. An accompanying online searchable compilation provides examples of/links to more than 150 resources and examples from 33 states. Compiled by NNSAHC and the State Adolescent Health Resource Center.

This resource from the Adolescent & Young Adult Health National Resource Center offers promising practices from “top performing” states related to improving access to health insurance and quality preventive visits among adolescents and young adults, showcasing strategies such as: engaging youth, focusing on special populations; and capacity building. It includes state examples from: CA, IA, IL, OR, TX, VT. (2016)