GU: Margaret Bell

PRONOUNS: she/her

REGION: Reg 9 (AZ, CA, HI, NV, and Pacific Island territories)



TITLE: Program Manager

POSITION FUNDING SOURCE: Title V/Maternal and Child Health block grant, Other Position Funding Source maternal mortality and Family Health Resource Center (FHIRC)

LOCATION IN DOH: Title V/Maternal and Child health

GRANTS MANAGED: Title V/MCH block grant (overall), Other Grants (write-in) SSDI / Maternal Mortality/ Family Health Resource Center

NPMs MANAGED: NPM #9: Bullying, NPM #10: Adolescent Well Visit

EXPERTISE/RESPONSIBILITIES: Coordination of adolescent health data (such as YRBSS), Health care, Health equity, Healthy relationships, Injury prevention, Social determinants of health, STIs/HIV/AIDS, Teen pregnancy prevention, Violence prevention