Key Topics

Key Topics

Youth Engagement

Engaging youth meaningfully in programs and policies for and about them is integral to positive youth development. Not only do opportunities for youth to contribute to their communities support their developmental transition to adulthood, engaging youth as a regular practice helps adults, providers, and professionals meet their needs.

A catalog of and accompanying library of profiles of state public health youth advisory structures, supporting documents, reports, and tools from 17 state public health youth advisory structures from the State Adolescent Health Resource Center.

This AMCHP brief describes some of the strategies Title V/MCH and other public health partners use to engage youth in meaningful ways, including lessons, tips, and state level examples.

Developed by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment to foster reflection, discussion, and continuous improvement for youth serving entities, this toolkit includes examples of operationalizing PYD in programs, practices, and policies.

Toolkit designed by the Wisconsin Department of Health Services to help adult facilitators engage young people, and specifically tailored for involving youth in local adolescent health programs.