NNSAHC unites those designated as state adolescent health coordinators (SAHCs), and others responsible for coordinating adolescent health program direction in their state Title V/maternal and child health programs, and other programs in state public health agencies.
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Youth-Centered Care Elements & Resource Compilation (June 2018)
Compilation of key elements of youth-centered care, and an accompanying online searchable resource tool from NNSAHC and the State Adolescent Health Resource Center.
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Adolescent Health Matters at AMCHP 2019
Ten Reasons Why Your Adolescent Health Coordinator Should Be at the 2019 Association of Maternal and Child Health Programs Annual Conference
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Marketing the Adolescent Well Visit to Parents (Jan 2018)
January 2018 - New customizable tools from the AYAH NRC to support state work addressing National Performance Measure 10 (percent of adolescents who receive an annual preventive visit in the past-year).
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